Updated! Style Me Girl Level 18 - Halloween - Penelope

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Style Me Girl Level 18 - Halloween - Penelope - Stunning! Three StarsI am posting this important updated "three star" example of Style Me Girl Level 18, Halloween Theme with model Penelope thanks to the comment of a visitor that brought to my attention a crucial problem within my existing post for this level. (Thank you kind visitor for the comment!) The issue exists no more in this new "three star" example of Style Me Girl Level 18! Read the full post for item details and images.

The problem with my earlier example, was that an item I used to obtain the three star result, a face art decorative mask, is a signature item that one does not receive until later in the game. So for those who are playing the game for the first time, it would be impossible to follow that example since they would not have this item yet! I am surprised that I made this mistake, and I do apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused. I will not let such a thing happen again! Hopefully, this you new example is will be helpful to you.

Style Me Girl
Level: 18
Model: Penelope
Theme: Halloween
"The Witching Hour"
Three Stars * * *


Style Me Girl Level 18 - Halloween - Penelope - Wardrobe
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  • Long black in separated crimp-y strands with bangs (57 coins)
  • Bat top with side cut-outs and red spiderwebs (46 coins)
  • Black and white striped thigh highs with heart at top of one leg (36 coins)
  • Cut off denim skirt with black studded belt (43 coins)
  • Long black fishnet gloves (35 coins)
  • Skull necklace (13 coins)
  • Spiderweb headdress (38 coins)
  • Smokey eyeshadow with vamp lipstick (30 coins)
  • Black flats with stitching on toe/front (20 coins)
  • Penelope's own bright red eyes

Style Me Girl Level 18 - Halloween - Penelope - Snapshot


Unknown said...

I had everything that was needed except the makeup and I only got two stars and dont have enough money to buy the makeup either.. I really need to get 3 stars because the *** item thats gifted is needed for other levels to be passed can you help pleasee?

Moderator said...

@Lailah Moyer - I am sorry to hear that. All I can think of is to play style catch, you will be able to earn the 30 coins needed for the makeup from that. Or you could try to come up with something else that will work better using the makeup and other items you do have. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

i had everything but i only got 2 stars but i guess that is better than none...

Unknown said...

You can try using skull earrings. They are $1 cash item, but it makes it three stars

Unknown said...

And I passed without the headdress

Nyah said...

It says I need a poncho.... What does a poncho look like? XD

Unknown said...

I need a poncho to but idk what it is, any ideas

Carcar said...

This is wrong my friend tried it, it didn't work

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