Style Me Girl Level 65 - Rachel - Fabulously Sporty

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Style Me Girl Level 65 - Rachel - Fabulously Sporty

*** Level 65 Fabulously Sporty

  • Lime green and white spaghetti strap tank top
  • Blue sailor style school uniform pleated skirt with white stripes along bottom edge
  • Blue knee high socks with white stripes at top and small Japanese flag
  • Lime green and orange tennis shoes with kawaii style orange fruits on the side
  • Tennis racket and ball
  • None
  • Long black hair in loose pony tail with side swept bangs
  • Golden brown


Jennielyn Leong said...

I follow it all it did not work again
:( no stars

Miriam cox said...

I tried it too and it does not work. These levels are very hard

MacKenzie Gillum said...

Okay so I passed, it's only one star but I've spent over a week on it.
-black crop top with heart on it
-gray jacket with red stripes on arms
-white shorts
-blue underwear
-black converse
-hair is orangeish with yellowish highlights and flower decal/headband, it's a pony tail
-tennis racket and ball
-pearl anklet
-black flower earrings
-silver heart necklace
-golden flying stars(3*** item)
-yellow bracelet
-black fingerless gloves
-Amber eyes

Good luck

Bubbel said...

Please help...I have tried everything and still cant get even 1 star--and this dosent work

Jake Suhr said...

I managed to get 3 stars. I used the 60's style brown hair in ponytail, all the clothes they said on here as well as the natural lipstick, peach blush, peach eyeshadow, silver heart necklace, stars that move around you (just for extra measure), 3 star sunglasses, tennis racket and ball. After I tried that I went from 0 stars to 2 stars but needed another piece of top that was also cotton, so I added a peach over shirt like and it worked. I got 3 stars.

Arleth V. B said...

@Jake Suhr I couldn't find the last item that you said -the peach over shirt-, help please!😣

Lauren Thompson said...

Everyone I updated this post, now I have a no cash items way to pass this, please check out this page:

Unknown said...

Everything Jake suhr said worked! Along with the answers as well. The fact is i spent months on this level seriously i beat the whole game and was in process of going back to get 3 stars on all 66 levels. Once i added the extra peach cover shirt with the other details that werw mentioned i got 3 STARS! thank you so much.

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