Updated: Style Me Girl Level 32 Formal - NO CASH ITEMS!

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Level 32 Formal Evening Theme, is one level which I used a $ gold cash item. I posted it earlier but I wanted to post a better example, one WITHOUT using any cash items.

When I think "formal" I think long dresses, but I achieved three stars on Style Me Girl Level 32 with short dresses. Read below to find out how I was able to pass Style Me Girl Level 32 Formal Evening Theme with model Karma using no cash items with images as well. The closet image links to it's full size, click if you would like to view. Enjoy!

*** Level 32 Formal Evening Theme - No Cash Items

Style Me Girl Level 32 - Karma - Formal Evening - No Gold Cash Items!
Level 32 Formal Evening Theme - Stunning With No Cash Items
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Style Me Girl
Level 32 Formal Evening
  • Strapless black mini dress with satin along top edge and down center line (243 coins - expensive but very useful dress)
  • Sheer black thigh high stockings (75 coins)
  • Black heels (82 coins)
  • Necklace with square black jewel that came w/game
  • Large diamond drop pendant earrings (60 coins)
  • Gold eyeshadow (60 coins)
  • Short blonde bob (Jill's from Level 5)
  • Brown


Unknown said...

Hi. I would ask you where you find that mini dress. I looked everywhere in the shop, but i didn't find anything.
Please help me.
Thank you in advance

Unknown said...

Yes Even me....I didn't find any black short dress like...above. ..

Moderator said...

@Meenakshi Deahpande - The commenter above commented on G+ about this where I spoke with her and she was able to come up with a solution of her own to pass, but for those that also could not find this dress that is why I wrote a new post using a different dress (which I also pasted the link to in my reply to your earlier comment) here is the link again: ~ Copy and paste that into your browser, or go to the main page (Home) and it is the first most recent post. hope this helps!

Unknown said...

OhhThanks @ laurenThompson .your link defiantly helped :)

Moderator said...

@DreLynne Maddickes - I am glad to hear that. Thanks for commenting. Have a super day. :)

xxREDxxJAYxx said...

she asks for a dark beige cashmere shirt with something black evening...

Unknown said...

Ive got a disaster!

Unknown said...

Oh gdns i spend more gold cashes for this level but always i got a desaster

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