Teen Vogue Me Girl Level 25 - Music Festival - Morgan

Teen Vogue Me Girl Level 25 - Music Festival - Morgan - Love It! Three Stars

Teen Vogue Me Girl
Level: 25
Model: Morgan
Theme: Music Festival
"Flowing Florals"
Three Stars * * *


Teen Vogue Me Girl Level 25 - Music Festival - Morgan - Wardrobe
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  • Short blonde hair with black ends and bangs back
  • Back spaghetti strap tank tied up in a side knot
  • Flower patterned cut-off denim shorts
  • Pink bead dangle earrings
  • Charm bracelet
  • Long multicolored bead necklace
  • Bright pink centered lipstick
  • Brown eyebrows
  • Silver wedge sandals with ankle strap
  • Brown eyes

Teen Vogue Me Girl Level 25 - Music Festival - Morgan - Snapshot


Unknown said...

I can't find that shirt

Ashley Gonzalez said...

I can't find that shirt

Alice said...

^ Probably because this 3-star result was accomplished levels after this one, after unlocking it.
Anyway, here's my cheaper 3-star result, cheaper than this post AND the one on the all-in-one levels page. I re-used a lot of things from your previous posts.

HAIR: Shoulder-length blond hair with blue tips (first suggested for Level 15: Skater Shoot)
TOPS: Multi-colored geometric tank top with a red circular shape in the center, denim crop jacket (first suggested for Level 17: Good Jeans)
BOTTOMS: Same flower-y mini shorts as this post
SHOES: Red-and-white striped cork wedges (***)
MAKEUP: Natural eyebrows, gold eyeshadow, thick mascara, pink lip gloss (think it comes with game)
EYES: Brown (comes with game)
ACCESSORIES: Two-strand necklace (***), paisley-ish clutch (***), set of 3 black studded bangles (first suggested for Level 22: Met Ball), square rhinestone'd wrist band (first suggested for Level 8: Goth Glam), black diamond cut-out earrings (first suggested for Level 5: Party Dressing)

The player said...

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