Teen Vogue Me Girl - Level 1 - Interview - Yourself

Teen Vogue Me Girl Level 1 - Interview - Yourself

Teen Vogue Me Girl
Level: 1
Theme: Interview
"Creative Professional"
Model: Player (Yourself)
Three Stars * * *

Teen Vogue Me Girl Level 1 - Interview - Yourself
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Teen Vogue Me Girl
Level 1 Interview

  • Straight blonde parted just off center (comes with game)
  • Sleeveless black and white knee length dress (comes with game)
  • Gold & silver clunky necklace (comes with game)
  • Light brown eyebrow
  • Upper lashes
  • Very light pink lipstick
  • Black stilettos with sparkles and wood spike stiletto heel
  • Light blue eyes

Teen Vogue Me Girl Level 1 - Interview - Yourself


Karah Lin said...

Okay three of us worked on this level and finally got 2 stars. We definitely did not get the look right. We were pretty close to this image but apparently not close enough. We got points on all of our choices so we started making some changes just to see if we could get 3 stars. We kept getting the "professional" comment first on the dress then on the pants I am guessing because we used white tights. Is this game going to be very hard? Perhaps we should try again tomorrow. Me girl fashion party has less levels. I sure do not want to have to look on line every time we get stuck. Feeling a little intimidated.

Anonymous said...

Here is a 2 star much cheaper answer.
Hair:same as post
Clothing:same as post
Accessories:Gold and silver necklace
Black purse with gold buckles (64 coins)
Small orange earrings
Makeup:Red lipstick
Upper lashes (50 coins)
Shoes:Plain black heels
Eyes: Don't matter

Anonymous said...

Blue blazer
Red white black striped skirt
Red pumps
Gold spicked necklace
Black and white picnic pattern bag
Blonde straight hair
Red lips
Top lashes
Hope this help I got 3 stars

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