Teen Vogue Me Girl Level 27 - Prom Event - Ava

Teen Vogue Me Girl Level 27 - Prom Event - Ava - Love It! Three Stars

Teen Vogue Me Girl
Level: 27
Model: Ava
Theme: Prom Event
"Candy Colors"
Three Stars * * *


Teen Vogue Me Girl Level 27 - Prom Event - Ava - Wardrobe
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  • Short blonde hair with black ends and bangs back
  • Pink long sleeve lace top and silk skirt mini-dress
  • Charm bracelet
  • Pink bead dangle earrings
  • Dainty black mascara, eyelashes
  • Bright pink centered lipstick
  • Brown eyebrows
  • Pink strappy open toe heels w/ straps wrapped around one ankle
  • Brown eyes


Unknown said...

Did not work

LaraMycroft said...

Got 3-stars again, incredibly on the CHEAP side. Reused a lot of stuff you suggested for other levels...

HAIR: Blond with blue tips (first suggested for Level 15: Skater Shoot)
DRESS: Same as this post
SHOES: Pink and white strappy stilettos (***)
MAKEUP: Dainty but thick mascara, centered pink lip gloss, fuchsia eyeshadow with black liner
ACCESSORIES: Little salmon-colored stud earrings (comes with game), set of four bangles in pink/blue/yellow/red on right wrist, set of two gold bangles on left wrist, two-strand necklace (***), sheer white tights (first suggested for Level 13: Prima Ballerina), purple sequin clutch

And done.

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