How to Pass Style Me Girl Level 61, Accent Color, With 3 Stars and NO CASH!

Style Me Girl Level 61 - Accent Color - Victoria - Stunning! Three StarsLevel 61, "Accent Color," of Style Me Girl, wasn't easy to crack this time around! After multiple unsuccessful attempts at passing Style Me Girl Level 61, "Accent Color," with three stars, I finally came up with a way, and I did it without using any cash!

To see how I achieved getting three stars on Style Me Girl Level 61, "Accent Color," without using any cash items, continue reading the full post!

I ended up using several items on Level 61's model, Victoria, to get my three stars. In order to show all of them in a screen capture, I had to take three, which are shown below. You can click the screen captures to view a larger version if you'd like. Following the closet screen captures, each item is listed with an image and their coin cost (if any). And by coin cost, I mean only the silver coin, the kind you can earn in the game and in Style Catch, absolutely no cash items were used in this example! I hope this helps anyone struggling on the level.

Closet Items

Click to Enlarge - Style Me Girl Level 61 - Accent Color - Victoria - Closet Items 1Click to Enlarge - Style Me Girl Level 61 - Accent Color - Victoria - Closet Items 2Click to Enlarge - Style Me Girl Level 61 - Accent Color - Victoria - Closet items 3
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Hair ItemHair:
  • Long wavy bright red hair (comes with game)
Top ItemTop:
topBikini Top
  • Short sleeve Yellow stretchy top (60 coins)
  • Yellow and black bikini top bra (25 coins)
Bottom ItemBottom:
Bikini BottomsSkirtPants
  • Yellow and black bikini bottoms (-- coins)
  • Black Pleated Skirt (*** Signature Item)
  • Yellow tight stretch pants with black paint splatters (40 coins)
Shoes ItemShoes:
  • Multi-color flats (*** Signature Item)
Accessories ItemAccessories:
  • Bright yellow gold link bracelet (57 coins)
  • Cherry necklace (18 coins)
  • Gold hoop chandelier earrings with multi-colored beads (78 coins)
  • Multi-pattern patwork shoulder bag (53 coins)
Eye ColorEye Color:
  • Rainbow colored eyes (comes with game)
  • Black mascara and red lipstick (comes with game)
Signature ItemsSignature Items:
  • Red our Leaf clover broach (*** Signature Item)


Style Me Girl Level 61 - Accent Color - Victoria - Stunning! Three Stars

My "Stunning," three score earning screen capture is shown in the image at left to show this method worked for me.

Keep in mind there are different versions of the game and this may not be possible or work on all of them, so while I can guarantee you this works for me and should for other players, I cannot guarantee that it will work for all players, or that it always will work.

Style Me Girl Level 61 - Accent Color - Victoria

I hope this helps those that may be stuck on this level. Best of luck to my fellow Me Girl players! Please do share your thoughts in a comment! Try this? Try something else? How did it work? Let us know! Thanks!


Jen A said...

So I fallowed the tips and presented the out fit and I failed but the game said I needed yellow. The cloths are all yellow. She looks like a banana with all the yellow. How does it not see the she is wearing yellow?!

Lauren Thompson said...

@Jen A, I don't get this level! Somehow I was able to get three stars with only this exact combination. I hope you pass it soon, good luck!

Jen A said...

Tried this combo again, and literally everything yellow in the game and got nothing.

Lauren Thompson said...

@Jen A, Aww, :( That stinks, I am sorry to hear that. This level is crazy, it's even harder than it used to be (before the update) It took me a while to get this yellow nightmare of an outfit to work! I am still trying to find other ways... no luck yet.

Jen A said...

Still nothing. Now I'm just picking random clothes.

Juliana said...

I still can't get anything and tried everything possible. I can't find a way to get 3 yellow tops and 2 yellow bottoms after 3 months and still nothing sad to say but won't be playing it can't pass this level.

Jen A said...

I'm going to keep trying but I'm pretty soon going to just delete the game.

Opeyemi Oke said...

I'm with you @ Jen A. Very frustrating!!! ��

Unknown said...

I was able to get 3 stars with:
SAME: bra, shirt, bikini bottom, skirt, pants, shoes, red leaf, earrings, bag, and bracelet. But I ADDED pink glasses, black hair with bun, rainbow necklace, natural brown eyes, and blue/ yellow makeup with beauty mark.

Yasmin Hegazy said...

The outfit @unknown posted worked. Thank you very much whoever posted that

Alice said...

@Yasmin Hegazy & @Unknown Same here. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thank u so much had been stuck forever!

Anonymous said...

The original outfit worked for me...

Anonymous said...

I finally got this one by using no make up. All cash is now free on kindle, maybe other os also

Anonymous said...

Okay, so I got ***. I used the top, underwear, bra, rainbow eyes, shoes, earrings, bracelet, and red clover broach as seen above. So before I tell you what I changed and added, make sure you have those. Here's what I used:

Hair: long golden blonde with bangs spread apart.

Bottom: yellow tiger striped shorts and bright yellow socks with white rings.

Make-up: bright red lipstick and golden eye make-up with beauty mark.

Accessaries: golden Diva necklace, yellow scarf, short white lace gloves, pearl anklet, golden sequined hand purse, and sparkly gold + silver spiral bracelet.

Signature items: Golden sunglasses.

Good luck! Hope it works out for you!

Anonymous said...

None of these worked. Any idea what to do?

kitty anime said...

This level is very frustrating. I have tried every combo on here and even tried to combine elements from each suddestion into an outfit and itstill didn't work.

Unknown said...

I've been working on this one for.about a month and still can't get past it....Help

Sunflowerparadise said...

I've been working on this one for.about a month and still can't get past it....Help

Anonymous said...

This is so hard and it doesn't work . The people who made the game knew that but they will have to expect that people who delete the hame. That's what I'm going to do if I can't get passed it. This is the only level so far, that I have to look up how to get passed it. This level is so frustrating! This was supposed to be a nice good game but it's taking people months and weeks and days to get thru this level and it's not working! Thanks for making this game, creators, so now it's so hard and making people mad. (Not really)

Anonymous said...


Julie Schiro said...

Finely won the leavel! Try blue hair and pick make up with red lips. Also has yellow socks and yellow short, and a rainbow scarf. Evrything else was the same as above. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Superb! I was stuck from 3 days and I passed.
Make this combination only

Annie said...


Strapless black mini dress with satin along top edge and down center line
same yellow and black leggins as the picture
same yellow bra
same yellow panties

Black stilettos (came with the game)

red flower (came with the game)
yellow-green flower form earrings
peace sign glasses
golden yellow bracelet
golden purse (came with the game)

Black mascara and red lips
yellow-green eyeshadow

Blackish red shoulder-length (from Steampunk level)


Hope it helps. Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

So after been stuck for 2 month I finally got 3 star with the following out fit:
*shoulder length curly hair with bangs
* yellow plaid bra and pant
* black blazer with elbow length
*black mini skirt with plit
*yellow leggings( not the one with black stribes)
*Orange pumps
*yellow gold tiara
*sunglasses with peace sign
* yellow brackets usually would be on models left hand
* light/ nude lips makeup
*gold eyeshadow
*no bags or necklace
*loop ear rings with multiple color
*signature yellow makeup pallete .
Hope this helps

Unknown said...

I watched a video on YouTube on how to pass this level with 3 starts and that really helped. Here's the video link if anyone wants to see it 😄

Unknown said...

Yessss thank you after trying literally everything this finally worked guys make sure you add extra red lipstick

Unknown said...

none of those combinations have worked for me

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