How to Pass Style Me Girl level 62, Something Chic, With 3 Stars & NO CASH ITEMS!

Style Me Girl Level 62 - Something Chic - Jane - Stunning! Three StarsInitially, I could not pass Style Me Girl Level 62, "Something Chic," and get three stars unless I used at least one cash item, but I was determined to do it, I persevered and found a way! If you would like to know how I passed Style Me Girl Level 62, "Something Chic," with three stars without using any cash items, read on!

Click on the screen captures in the "Closet Items," boxes at below right to view all the items I used in this example on model Jane, as they appear in my closet. All of the items used are silver coin items, no cash items are used. In the list below I will go through and describe each item one by one.

Closet Items 2

Click to Enlarge - Style Me Girl Level 62 - Something Chic - Jane - Closet
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Closet Items 1

Click to Enlarge - Style Me Girl Level 62 - Something Chic - Jane - Closet
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Hair ItemHair:
  • Long Blond wavy/curly hair in a half ponytail (comes with game)
Top ItemTop:
  • Pink plaid knit long-sleeve top with lace collar bow (73 coins)
Bottom ItemBottom:
  • Pastel pink miniskirt (55 coins)
Shoes ItemShoes:
  • White open toe heels with ankle strap (120 coins)
Accessories ItemAccessories:
  • White wrap anklet (59 coins)
  • White Pearl/bead necklace with flower (36 coins)
  • Chandelier hoop earrings with green flower (comes with game)
  • White lace gloves (32 coins)
Eye ColorEye Color:
  • Blue (comes with game)
  • Gold eyeshadow with beauty mark (60 coins)


Style Me Girl Level 62 - Something Chic - Jane - Stunning! Three Stars

As you can see in the image at left, I earned three stars for this style on Style Me Girl Level 62, "Something Chic/Something New," modeled by Jane.

Keep in mind there are different versions of the game and this may not be possible or work on all of them, so while I can guarantee you this works for me and should for other players, I cannot guarantee that it will work for all players, or that it always will work.

I hope this helps those that may be stuck on this level. Best of luck to my fellow Me Girl players! feel free to comment with your ideas, or if this worked for you! If not, let us know! Thanks for your input!

Style Me Girl Level 62 - Something Chic - Jane


Unknown said...

Did not work. I have tried every suggestion.

Anonymous said...

Why does it not work

Anonymous said...

It works

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

If tried everything then this worked for me, blond side bun with pink clip, big pink bow, pink yellow makeup, with nude lipstick(comes with game), flower earrings(come with game),rainbow scarf, rainbow colour eyes, muilty coloured dress with different colour ruffles(5cash), short lace gloves, nude pink stillettos with black sole (2cash),and white fan, hope this works for yous

Anonymous said...

It did work for me :-)

Jdnvmc said...


Anonymous said...

didnt work

Tiny said...

Zelna it worked, thanks!

Peggy said...

I just want to pass this level...I am so stuck and none of the suggestions work. Has anyone passed this level in 2017?

Unknown said...

@unknown it work! Are you added some extra stuff... ?you must all copy

Unknown said...

its works

Anonymous said...

this gave me disaster but i managed to find the 3 stars lmao
u need:
-the low blonde ponytail (the one with brown gradation, on ur closet)
-3* stripes long dress
-white socks
-3* red n green wedges
-big white bow
-loop w/ flowers earring
-white lace handsocks
-white anklet
-3* hand fan
-long eyelash
-pink lipstick
-peach blush
-gold eueshadow with beuaty mark
-gray eyes

thats it!!!

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