How to Pass Style Me Girl Level 26, "Hipster," & Get 3 Stars Without ANY cash!

Style Me Girl Level 26 - Hipster - Jenny - Stunning! Three StarsStyle Me Girl Level 26, "Hipster," is my latest up, with a new method to pass earning three stars, and how to do so without using any cash items. The style I gave model Jenny is a bit wild in this one, but it fits the theme and more importantly, it works. Read on for all the deets on how to pass Style Me Girl Level 26, "Hipster."

Click on the screen captures in the "Closet Items," boxes (Below right) to view all the items I used in this example on model Jenny, as they appear in my closet. All of the items used are silver coin items, no cash items are used. In the list below I will go through and describe each item one by one.

Closet Items 2

Click to Enlarge - Style Me Girl Level 26 - Hipster - Jenny - Closet
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Closet Items 1

Click to Enlarge - Style Me Girl Level 26 - Hipster - Jenny - Closet
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Hair ItemHair:
  • Long wavy green hair (comes with game)
Dress ItemDress:
  • Layered multi-color pattern mini-dress (*** item)
Bottom ItemBottom:
thigh highs
  • Striped thigh high socks, one purple one grey (16 coins)
Shoes ItemShoes:
  • Black stiletto platforms with silver heel (56 coins)
Accessories ItemAccessories:
  • Silver choker necklace (23 coins)
  • Black and grey striped arm bands (20 coins)
  • Gold wireframe sunglasses (*** item)
  • Pink and black plaid duffle bag (*** item)
  • Silver heart shaped dangle earrings (*** item)
Eye ColorEye Color:
  • Brown (Jenny's own/comes with game)
  • Black winged liner purple shadow with beauty mark (55 coins)
Signature ItemsSignature Items:
  • Cheetah patterned fake nails (*** item)


Style Me Girl Level 26 - Hipster - Jenny - Stunning! Three Stars

As you can see in the image at left, I earned three stars for this style on Style Me Girl Level 26, "Hipster," modeled by Jenny. I'd also like to add, that several other items qualify as "Signature Items," but I decided to put them in the "Accessories," category, since they belong there as well to keep things simple. I left only the long cheetah patterned fake nails in the "Signature Items," category since they didn't seem to fit as well in the "Accessories category.

Keep in mind there are different versions of the game and this may not be possible or work on all of them, so while I can guarantee you this works for me and should for other players, I cannot guarantee that it will work for all players, or that it always will work.

Style Me Girl Level 26 - Hipster - Jenny

I hope this helps those that may be stuck on this level. Best of luck to my fellow Me Girl players! Please do share your thoughts in a comment! Try this? Try something else? How did it work? Let us know! Thanks!


Unknown said...

This only got me 1 star

Unknown said...

This only got me 1 star

Unknown said...

I don't have the dress how can u find the dress help plzz and I tried it with a different dress I got zero stars

Anonymous said...

i got an disaster I got everything but the earrings and the purse and the glasses

Unknown said...

I've gotten three stars for every level and I can't find the duffle bag for 3 stars

Unknown said...

I got one star because I didn't have two plaid shirts

Unknown said...

This didn't work for me as well but i used diffrent things what is used is: plaid bag(***) item a blue and grey striped bra kind of thing, a grey with light blue squares flannel jacket,a flannel styke jeans(red and black) black stiletto's (comes with game) same glasses and same choker. For make-up i used long lashes (comes with game) and the lighter eyeshadow (comes with game ) for hair i used red with white braids. Hope this works for you

nothingbutgr8 said...

this didnt work for me

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