How to Pass Style Me Girl Level 1, "Ad Shoot," & Get 3 Stars!

Style Me Girl Level 1 - Ad Shoot - Jenny - Stunning! Three StarsStyle Me Girl's first level features the games first model, Jenny, and the theme is "Ad Shoot," "Dress Up Jenny." Using only items that come with the game, I was able to achieve a three star stunning score!

Read on to find out how to get 3 stars on Style Me Girl Level 1, "Ad Shoot," without using any cash items!

The items needed to earn 3 stars on Style Me Girl Level 1, "Ad Shoot," are pictured and described in the list below. The "Closet Items," screen capture image at right can be clicked to enlarge, that way you can see the items as the should appear in your closet in order to have success with this example.

Closet Items

Click to Enlarge - Style Me Girl Level 1 - Ad Shoot - Jenny - Closet
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Hair ItemHair:
  • Black side-bun up-do (Jenny's own, comes with game)
Dress ItemDress:
  • Blue one-shoulder mini-dress black band at empire waist (comes with game)
Shoes ItemShoes:
  • Black/blue heels (comes with game)
EyesEye Color:
  • Golden Brown (comes with game)
  • Thick long lashes that come with game
  • Red lipstick that comes with game


Style Me Girl Level 1 - Ad Shoot - Jenny - Stunning! Three Stars

My three star stunning score for this look can be seen in the screen capture shown left.

Keep in mind there are different versions of the game and this may not be possible or work on all of them, so while I can guarantee you this works for me and should for other players, I cannot guarantee that it will work for all players, or that it always will work.

I hope this helps those that may be stuck on this level. Best of luck to my fellow Me Girl players!

Style Me Girl Level 1 - Ad Shoot - Jenny


Anonymous said...

Here's another idea
Hair:Jenny hair
Top: The lips shirt (comes with game)
Bottoms:Blue jeans Capri (comes with game)
Shoes:Sneakers (comes with game)
Makeup:Nude color lipstick (comes with game), blue eyes with black eyeliner (comes with game)
Acsesarys:sunglasses, red dimands necklece,red dimand double banded braclet (all comes with game)

Kam said...

I was going to post screens hots of all of the levels in which I completed using your blog exactly. I scored very high when I followed your lead

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