NEW! Get 3 Stars on Boho Level 6 with NO CASH ITEMS!

Style Me Girl Level 6 - Boho - Rachel - Stunning! Three StarsStyle Me Girl updated since I began this blog, so it was high time I revisited the game to see how my examples held up. Upon doing so, I discovered a new method to earn three stars on the ever-frustrating "Boho" level, and how do it without spending ANY cash. I am thrilled to share how I accomplished this with you!

Read on to find out how to get 3 stars on Style Me Girl Level 6, "Boho," without using any cash items!

The items needed to earn 3 stars on Style Me Girl Level 6, "Boho," are pictured and described in the list below. The "Closet Items," screen capture image at right can be clicked to enlarge, that way you can see the items as they should appear in your closet in order to have success with this example.

IMPORTANT: Do not change or add an eye color. The eye color must be the default color in order to get three stars!

Whenever using my examples, they must be followed to a "T," -- strictly adhered to. Any deviation changes the outcome of the final score and star rating recieved.

Closet Items

Click to Enlarge - Style Me Girl Level 6 - Boho - Rachel - Closet
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Hair ItemHair:
  • Brown with side swept bangs (Comes with game)
Dress ItemDress:
  • Floral baby doll dress with brown belt (27 coins)
Bottom ItemBottom:
Pants 1
  • Skinny denim jeans (50 coins)
Shoes ItemShoes:
  • Flat black stappy sandals with white dots/studs (39 coins)
Accessories ItemAccessories:
  • Gold "leaves," necklace (28 coins)
  • Multi-color patchwork bag (53 coins)
Signature ItemsSignature Items:
  • Red four leaf clover broach (*** Signature Item)


Style Me Girl Level 6 - Boho - Rachel - Stunning! Three Stars

Once you have styled Level 6's model Rachel with the items listed above, you are ready for the photoshoot!

Keep in mind there are different versions of the game and this may not be possible or work on all of them, so while I can guarantee you this works for me and should for other players, I cannot guarantee that it will work for all players, or that it always will work.

I hope this helps those that may be stuck on this level. Best of luck to my fellow Me Girl players!

Style Me Girl Level 6 - Boho - Rachel


Unknown said...


Unknown said...

It didn't work on the newest version. Could you make one for the new one?

Sarah said...

It worked for me- I received 3 stars on the new version. Thank you!

Unknown said...

It works for me to

Unknown said...

For some reason they want a gypsy skirt but I don't have any cash left. What shirt should I use for it?

Unknown said...

That was a disaster....

Anonymous said...

I only got two stars for this but this level was so hard to pass so Ill take it! Lol

KidRockFan said...

Worked on my tablet but not my phone.

KidRockFan said...

Replayed the level and I had forgotten the necklace and it worked perfectly. Thanks

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