Style Me Girl Level 10 - Isabella - Fairytale

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Style Me Girl Level 10 - Isabella - Fairytale

*** Level 10 Fairytale Theme

  • Black empire waist baby-doll dress with creme ribbon & trim details at lapel, collar, waist sleeve and bottom hemline
  • Small dotted black thigh-high stockings with bows on front
  • Flat black single strap shoes
  • Black button earrings
  • Long satin dark grey (almost black) gloves
  • Smokey eyes
  • Model Isabella's own long straight light blonde black flower hairpin
  • Model Isabella's own bright blue
Style Me Girl Level 10 - Isabella - Fairytale - pose


Irene Polini said...

Hi :) Your tips for this game are FANTASTIC. But I want to ask you something about Level 10 (Isabella - Fairytail): I didn't find the cloth and the gloves you've recommended. Where can I find these items, please?
Thank you in advance

Lauren Thompson said...

@Irene Polini - You are very welcome, thank you for commenting :) I am glad you like my tips. About the gloves, they are in the boutique, (towards the end) for 66 coins - I uploaded a screen capture (I cannot comment with images, so you will have to copy and paste the URL in your browser if you'd like)

Daniela Sefrin said...

Hey thx very much for the postings^^ but I neither found the dress nor the other stuff but I got an other solution:

Hope it helps =^D

lindita vako said...

can you update a full image of all the items please?

Lauren Thompson said...

@Daniela Sefrin - Thanks so much for sharing your example :) I am working on a new post for this level, I will be using my example but giving better details and using screen captures, but do you mind if I also include this link to your example as well for those that still might have trouble with mine/would like other options? I will gladly credit you for your example as well of course :) EIther way, thanks for sharing, I am sure it will be helpful to 'me girlers' :)

Lauren Thompson said...

@lindita vako - Okay, I will try to get a new post on this level up asap. In the meantime, good luck!

Daniela Sefrin said...

@Lauren Thompson no no it's fine you can include the link and im glad that it helped ^^

harley d said...

I got 3 stars w this outfit: it's a black n red short dress w half arm white sleeves. Then I bought the white mesh gloves ($2) and the pokadot leggings and the black button earings. Smokey eye shadow w dark lips. N black flats w red little heels w lace design on top. Hope this helps

Lauren Thompson said...

@harley d - Great style, thanks so much for sharing!

Anja Popey said...

I cant find the dress. does anyone know where it might be?

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