Style Me Girl Level 25 - Sarah - Floral

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Style Me Girl Level 25 - Sarah - Floral

*** Level 25 Floral Theme

  • Light beige chiffon dress, above knee length with black buttoned top, ruffle and bow collar, grey floral design along skirt bottom
  • Sheer white with grey polka dotted tights
  • Blue peacock feather high heels
  • Peacock feather necklace
  • Short white lace gloves
  • Daintly red and green flower bracelet
  • Dangle hoop earrings with green flower in the middle
  • White lace fan (*** star item)
  • Dark pink/mauve iridescent eyeshadow and blush
  • Long straight light blonde with long side-swept bangs falling over model's left eye and with black flower hair clip
  • Blue grey


Unknown said...

I only got 2 stars on this one :( I couldn't find peacock heels either. Any help?

hannahbanana said...

Erika - I couldn't find the peacock heels either, i used some rainbow floral flats and got three stars :)

Linna said...

Can you please tell me where are the flats or the heels? I've used the exact same look, except for the shoes, and got a disaster. Idk what else to try...

Unknown said...

Can't find the tights, and I'm one level ahead. Any help?

Anonymous said...

@vaishi sistla I couldn't find the tights either so I had to make my own outfit: for hair I used brown hair with golden high lights and a flower crown along with the hair, golden eye shadow with a beauty mark close to the eyes and a light pink lipstick and long eye lashes (separate purchases), for clothes I used a neon colored floral suit coat and a white tank top, and jeans that turn a lighter share of blue in the middle of the jeans you can buy for 1 cent, for shoes I used flower wedges, and accessories I used silver hoops earrings and cheetah print nails ( star item) I got three stars using this hope it works for you!

Anonymous said...

This site doesn't work no offense girl who made site just use a bunch of flower stuff and u get tree stars

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