Style Me Girl Level 22 - D'Are - Haute Couture

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Style Me Girl Level 22 - D'Are - Haute Couture - Close Up

*** Level 22 Haute Couture Theme

  • Blue strapless full floor length skirt ball gown with light blue ruffles down front and black lace along bottom edge, shoulder-less blue long sleeves with black lace along top edge
  • White high heels
  • Compact mirror
  • Gold crown with pearls lining bottom rim
  • Long silver necklace with key pendant
  • Necklace that came with game, square black stone pendant
  • Rhinestone chandelier earrings
  • Sparkly silver eyeshadow
  • Yellow blonde up do with long bang strands framing both sides of face
  • Light Blue


T.Smaxwell said...

Is there a different dress and crown I could use to still get three stars?

Moderator said...

@T.Smaxwell - Hi there! Yes, I posted a "no cash items" method to pass this level and get three stars: Hopefully this is helpful to you.

T.Smaxwell said...


Moderator said...

@T.Smaxwell ~ You are very welcome. Thanks for commenting :) Have a great day.

Unknown said...

Some of the items on picture are not in the shop

Moderator said...

@Vanessa Vedder - All of the items can be found in the Boutique except for the gold compact mirror she is holding, which is a Signature Item (three star item) earned from an earlier level. The rhinestone chandelier earrings are 98 coins, the white heels are 39 coins, the sparkly silver eyeshadow is 55 coins. The dress and the crown she is wearing are cash items though, and I can't remember how much. Because of the cash items in this example, I posted another example where I earned three stars without using any cash items:

Good luck!

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