Style Me Girl Level 17 - Jana - 60's Pin Up

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Style Me Girl Level 17 - Jana - 60s Pin Up

*** Level 17 60's Pin Up Theme

  • Red and white polka dot two piece bikini swimsuit
  • Frayed bottom denim mini skirt with silk belt tied at the side
  • Cheetah spot patterned stilettos with black platform and heel
  • Parrot (*** star item)
  • Spiked cheetah spot pattern choker necklace/collar
  • Beige canvas shoulder bag with leather straps and corners
  • Red dangle-hoop earrings
  • Cheetah spotted animal tail
  • Cheetah spotted nails (*** star item)
  • Smokey black eyeshadow with medium reddish/maroon lipstick, beauty marks
  • Wavy yellow blond hair with long bangs over model's right eye & side of face
  • Blue
Style Me Girl Level 17 - Jana - 60s Pin Up - Fuller view


Unknown said...

I tried this outfit combo and it gave me only one star.

Unknown said...

For some reason it said I was missing a bikini, and also leggings.

Unknown said...

I tried this outfi and it gave me only one star.
It said i was missing leggins an bikini!

Mindy said...

0 stars plz dont lissen to her no efence girl who made this site

Unknown said...

This did not help at all๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ฌ

Unknown said...

Did not help at all๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ฌ

Jordan said...

This didn't even work. You made me waste my money ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ 

Unknown said...

This did not work for me, so ...???

fantage_sandy said...

Guys the reason why it wont work because they updated the game and change it and I dont know why we cannot pass through that level

Unknown said...

I changed a couple things and got three star. The orange and white floral bikini with tie, pearl necklace with flower, white bow to the left accessory.

EricaB said...

I did crop top red and white tied top small white bow off to left side blue jean skirt matching belt to the top. Blackened mid thigh leggings and mid thigh boots. Beauty mark silver make up and mascara and blond hair over right shoulder

Anonymous said...

This gave me 3 stars!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!

Unknown said...

*Red leggings (boutique)
*Long Red hair with bang swept over to ur left &/or Jana's right.
* bright red lipstick (closet)
*Leopard shoes
*Leopard clutch purse
*Gold bangles (closet)
* sleeveless black shirt with split in front (shows a little stomach)
*cheap black spikey chain necklace (boutique)
* earrings (whatever matches)

Moderator said...

@Unknown, Thanks so much for commenting! I also posted another new method to pass this level which I reccomend everyone interested check out:

Unknown said...

tnx that worked !!!

Unknown said...

Bull this doesn't work

Anonymous said...

i try these they didn't work though?? i spent 17 dollars at least.

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