Style Me Girl Level 6 - Rachel - Boho

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Style Me Girl Level 6 - Rachel - Boho

Style Me Girl Level 6 - Rachel - Boho

  • Short floral skirt with beige background and brick-red band at the waist, (mauve, yellow, blue and light purple flowers, green leaves)
  • Beige one-sleeve/off shoulder t-shirt with central-brown design
  • Simple beige natural colored flip flops
  • Patchwork shoulder-bag
  • Gold necklace with a red and green pendant and pearl colored seashells
  • Matching dangle earrings of gold, pearl seashells, red and green stones
  • Dark colored wrap-around sunglasses
  • None
  • Short black "afro"
  • Greyish blue

*This outfit consists of some gold $ items, though I can't remember all of them, the earrings or the necklace, and possibly some of the other items, sorry!


Unknown said...

The shirt and skirt can't be worn at the same time on my game.

Unknown said...

The shirt can't be worn with ANY skirt, and the skirt is $5 cash

Anonymous said...

this worked for me but only with the difference of a pants yellow/beige skinny

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