Style Me Girl Level 27 - Layla - Envy

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Style Me Girl Level 27 - Layla - Envy

*** Level 27 Envy Theme

  • Black lace over bright blue empire waist mini dress, wide black band at empire waist
  • Sheer black thigh high stockings
  • Dark red platform stilettos with black heel & platform & stitching details
  • Multi-color glitter scaled clutch purse
  • Black dangle earrings with purple gemstone
  • Ornate black choker collar necklace with purple gemstones
  • Dark greyish black long satin gloves
  • Black smokey eye and medium reddish lip-color
  • Dark brown long hair with big waves in half up-do
  • Bright blue with shadow over inside


Nguyễn Thanh Hương said...

i can"t pass, help me

Unknown said...

On the all levels page in the link bar ( ) i use a completely different style to get three stars on this level, maybe you will find that example more useful in getting the three star result. Good luck, this was a difficult level for myself as well.

Unknown said...

Where is the sheer black thigh high stockings?

Moderator said...

@VANESSA LEE - Hi there, the black thigh high stockings are in the Boutique and cost 75 coins. In this post I have a closet image if you would like to see what they look like, and a little further down in the post is an image of what they look like on the model (in the image labled Figure 3): ~Hope this helps :)

Unknown said...

Thank you ^.^

Unknown said...

@Vanessa Lee - You are very welcome :)

Unknown said...

How much are the shoes?? I can't find them

Unknown said...

@Toni Whittingham - I can't remember how much those heels were, but I got three stars using this exact out but with the black platforms with the black and white striped stiletto heel which are 78 coins, and also with the solid black signature item platform stiletto heels. Good luck!

Hanen said...

What is the (khaki)?

Unknown said...

I can't find the dress

Anonymous said...

For some odd reason it gave me no stars.��������������������

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