Fashion Party Dress Up Level 14 - Horse Eventing - Anne

Fashion Party Dress Up Level 14 - Horse Eventing - Anne - Stunning! Three StarsThe tagline for Horse Eventing Theme Level 14 in Fashion Party Dress Up is, "Everybody likes horses." But that's not true, I don't like horses. I love them! And for this level I drew inspiration from My Fair Lady with model Anne in a Cecil Beaton-esqu hat. Full description in the post.

Fashion Party Dress Up
Level: 14
Model: Anne
Theme: Horse Eventing
"Everybody likes horses"
Three Stars * * *


Fashion Party Dress Up Level 14 - Horse Eventing - Anne - Wardrobe
(Click thumbnail to enlarge)

  • Blonde hair with fancy black and white striped hat ($5 cash)
  • White lace dress w/ light brown belt (45 coins)
  • Silver bracelet with purple jewels (32 coins)
  • Fuchsia eyeshadow and black liner (70 coins)
  • Long black eyelashes (35 coins)
  • Brown eyebrows (15 coins)
  • Pink heels with white lace (56 coins)
  • Brown eyes (155 coins)

Fashion Party Dress Up Level 14 - Horse Eventing - Anne - Snapshot


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