Fashion Party Dress Up Level 7 - Floral - Nalia

Fashion Party Dress Up Level 7 - Floral - Nalia - Stunning! Three StarsMaking her second appearance is model Nalia in Fashion Party Dress Up Level 7, Floral theme. With floral patterned dress and flower accessories, I earned three stars for her floral style. Continue reading for details on the "Floral" themed styling I employed for Fashion Party Dress Up Level 6.

Fashion Party Dress Up
Level: 7
Model: Nalia
Theme: Floral
"The prettiest flower in the garden"
Three Stars * * *


Fashion Party Dress Up Level 7 - Floral - Nalia - Wardrobe
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  • Shoulder length wavy auburn brown hair with side part (Nalia's own)
  • Short sleeve pink flower pattern dress with pink ribbon at empire waist (50 coins)
  • Gold flower earrings ($2 cash)
  • Long black eyelashes (35 coins)
  • Brown eyebrows (15 coins)
  • Purple and white cork wedge sandals (55 coins)
  • Nalia's own eyes

Fashion Party Dress Up Level 7 - Floral - Nalia - Snapshot


MeiMei said...

Keeps telling me not enough flower accessories, chiffon and frills on shoes, floral on pants (i had the floral dress on), and floral on dress.... Glitch?

MeiMei said...

Nvm, fixed it. TOO MANY items isn't ideal, apparently. also, you don't need to buy eyebrows.

Unknown said...

That was pretty much the outfit I chose. I used flower earrings and the flower bracelet with that dress and the pink shoes with the gemstone flowers on them. It gave me a fail! Grrrr

Unknown said...

This games called me girl dress up for me? Maybe its an apple android thing

Unknown said...

When I did this exact outfit, it said disaster... Has anyone else passed this level yet? I need to pass this level to continue....

Unknown said...

Can't pass it keeps failing me grr

Unknown said...

Grr keeps failing me

JojoAdjeng -ジョジョ- said...

I passed it! Just use that floral dress, flower earrings, pink-white open toe shoes and brown eyes. Leave the hair.

Anonymous said...

I used a blue dress with butterflies on it (they are blue 2) blonde curly hair(comes with game) gold-ish glittery eye-shadow, eyeliner and pearl necklace with heart on it (***item)
I got stunning on this

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