Fashion Party Dress Up Level 20 - Costumes - Anne

Fashion Party Dress Up Level 20 - Costumes - Anne - Stunning! Three StarsHalloween is the variety in Fashion Party Dress Up Costumes Theme Level 20 with model Anne. To get three stars on this level, a creepy look for Anne was in order, so I swapped her blonde locks for a red and black do and outfitted her to match. Read on for all the details on how I get three stars on Fashion Party Dress Up Costumes theme Level 20.

Fashion Party Dress Up
Level: 20
Model: Anne
Theme: Costumes
"Trick or Treat!"
Three Stars * * *


Fashion Party Dress Up Level 20 - Costumes - Anne - Wardrobe
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  • Red and black straight shoulder-length hair with front side swept bangs (340 coins)
  • Sleeveless short black and red dress (188 coins)
  • Black star dangle earrings (10 coins)
  • Gold necklace with blue star pendant (22 coins)
  • Black gloves ($4 cash)
  • Long black eyelashes (35 coins)
  • Brown eyebrows (15 coins)
  • Black eyeshadow (40 coins)
  • Vamp lipstick with fangs (306 coins)
  • Black knee high boots (*** item)
  • Brown eyes (155 coins)

Fashion Party Dress Up Level 20 - Costumes - Anne - Snapshot


The player said...

My method was...
Hair: long straight black hair(300 coins)
Dress: purple scroll dress(333 coins)
Shoes: black high heels(82 coins)
Accessories: pink magic wand(***item),white beaded necklace with pink heart charm(***item),and black spiderweb earrings(320 coins)
Eyes: brown eyes(155 coins)
Makeup: brown eyebrows(15 coins), black fancy eyelashes(1 cash),and pink eyeshadow(402 coins)
Hope this helps and also I have a youtube channel with most of my teen vogue methods

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