Fashion Party Dress Up Level 9 - Festival - Danielle

Fashion Party Dress Up Level 9 - Festival - Danielle - Stunning! Three StarsI love it when I am able to get more than one use out of an item in the game, and I was able to do just that in Fashion Party Dress Up Level 9 Festival theme modeled by Danielle. Being a "Cherry Blossom" Festival, I thought a floral pattern would be appropriate, so I styled Danielle in the dress I used in the earlier Floral themed level. Read on for details of how I styled Fashion Dress Up Level 9 with model Danielle!

Fashion Party Dress Up
Level: 9
Model: Danielle
Theme: Festival
"Cherry Blossom Festival"
Three Stars * * *


Fashion Party Dress Up Level 9 - Festival - Danielle - Wardrobe
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  • Shoulder length wavy blonde hair with center part
  • Short sleeve pink flower pattern dress with pink ribbon at empire waist (50 coins)
  • Pink heart and bow necklace with white beads (*** item)
  • Fuchsia eyeshadow and black liner (70 coins)
  • Long black eyelashes (35 coins)
  • Brown eyebrows (15 coins)
  • Purple and white cork wedge sandals (55 coins)
  • Danielle's own eyes

Fashion Party Dress Up Level 9 - Festival - Danielle - Snapshot


Karah Lin said...

This was a tough level for me. I tried several times with this level and I just could not get a pass. I needed to look at the black
screen on the side to see what was passing and what was not and in the end the outfit that got a pass and 3 stars was this.

same hair.
same color eyes.
pink eye shadow. Mascara.
pink heart necklace (signature item)
the plain pale pink short dress with the big white bow at the neck. Cost (58? coins) It is near the beginning of the dresses on the shopping list.
the hot pink and black strappy high heels that comes with the fancy silver anklet

3 stars. If you get stuck like I did, perhaps this suggestion will help.

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