Fashion Party Dress Up Level 8 - Cooking - Anne

Fashion Party Dress Up Level 8 - Cooking - Anne - Stunning! Three Stars"The heat is on," in Fashion Party Dress Up Level 8, where the the theme is "Cooking." Another new model is also introduced, Anne, whom makes like suzy-homeaker for the cooking theme! Read on for the details on how I styled Anne for Cooking theme Level 6 in Fashion Party Dress Up.

Fashion Party Dress Up
Level: 8
Model: Anne
Theme: Cooking
"The heat is on"
Three Stars * * *


Fashion Party Dress Up Level 8 - Cooking - Anne - Wardrobe
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  • Long blonde ponytail (35 coins)
  • Yellow and white gingham pattern skirt with white apron ($2 cash)
  • White long sleeve top (180 coins)
  • None
  • Long black eyelashes (35 coins)
  • Brown eyebrows (15 coins)
  • Black flats (38 coins)
  • Blue green eyes (180 coins)

Fashion Party Dress Up Level 8 - Cooking - Anne - Snapshot


Anonymous said...

I dont have that long white sleeve shirt. 😕😕😕

Unknown said...

didnt work

MeiMei said...

Me either. Keeps saying i m eed an updo and white accessories. And she keeps talking about oven mitts.....

Karah Lin said...

I had problems with this level too. No white shirt in my version. Only updo is the blonde ponytail which doesn't get points. Yellow skirt is 2$ I only had 1$. Tried several times and failed. This is what I ended up doing.
Used the blonde ponytail.
Used the same eyecolor.
Used mascara for makeup.
Used the pink heart necklace.
Used the red and black gingham long sleeved top. Lace collars and lace panel down middle of shirt.
Used black "tutu" skirt, with red sash, red netting underneath to hold up and little red hearts on the skirt.
Used the black flat shoes (38 coins).
Passed with 3 STARS!

LaraMycroft said...

I play the Amazon Underground "Me girl Dress Up" game, essentially the same exact game (so far) as Fashion Party, and this level kicked my butt. Updo, then ponytail... black checkered dress or yellow.... Finally I figured out a 3 star solution. Since the only white accessory is that ruffled hair adornment, I used that and as for a black dress... Well here is what I came up with:
Hair=Sandy brown-blond curls in an updo
Eyes=Same as the model's
Makeup=Black winged mascara and brown eyebrows
Shoes=Black flats with bows
Accessories=White ruffled hair accessory
Clothes=Black maid dress (has large white apron)

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