Updated: Style Me Girl Level 48 - Victorian - Dot - NO CASH ITEMS!

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Style Me Girl - Level 48 - Victorian - Dot - NO CASH ITEMS! - Love It! Three StarsI am happy to share another "three stars with no cash items" update. Style Me Girl Level 48 Victorian modeled by Dot has been posted on this blog before, however, two items used in that post's example are gold $ cash items. I know what it's like to have limited cash to spend in the game, so it's been a goal of mine to revisit such levels and get a three star rating without using cash items.

So Level 48 Victorian, "A Walking Bookcover," with model Dot is my latest "no cash item" update. All items used either come with the game (signature items) or are silver coin items from the Boutique. I hope this is helpful to you. Happy styling me girls!

*** Level 48 - Victorian - Dot ***


Style Me Girl - Level 48 - Victorian - Dot - NO CASH ITEMS! - Closet
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  • Dot's own dark brown/black in loose up-do
  • Purple and gold Victorian dress (56 coins)
  • Large diamond drop pendant earrings (60 coins)
  • White lace gloves (32 coins)
  • White lace fan (*** item)
  • Purple clutch purse (*** item)
  • Grey bonnet (36 coins)
  • Gold eyeshadow (60 coins)
  • Grey lace up high heel boots (80 coins)
  • Grey
Style Me Girl - Level 48 - Victorian - Dot - NO CASH ITEMS! - Snapshot


Unknown said...

Hi! I just want to say I love this blog, it's brilliant :) We love the creativity of all our fans, and love all our Me Girls.
I'm Simon, the game designer of Style Me Girl / Teen Vogue Me Girl.
ps - pls do say hi if you get a chance, would love to chat and get your feedback on our games, we have a lot of new stuff coming. My email is simon a.t. frenzoo dot come
Game Designer, Frenzoo

Unknown said...

should be: simon at frenzoo dot com

Moderator said...

Hi Simon! Thank you so much! I am honored for the visit, comment and kind words! Truly it means a lot to me, wow, to receive such from you, it is amazing! Such a compliment! I do freelance design and as a personal hobby, I am a huge fan of Style Me Girl and Teen Vogue Me Girl (probably obviously lol) , I admire your work very much. I would be glad to share my feedback on Frenzoo creations, I will email you. Thanks again so much!

Unknown said...

What level do you get the fan on? I did like everything else and got a FAILURE

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