Fashion Party Dress Up Level 1 - Trendy - Danielle

Fashion Party Dress Up Level 1 - Trendy - Danielle - Love It! Three StarsWhile eagerly awaiting new Style Me Girl and Teen Vogue Me Girl levels, I started playing Fashion Party Dress Up to get my style fix. So I decided to post my three star examples for Fashion Party Dress Up too. Read on to see how I earned three stars on Level 1 Trendy theme modeled by Danielle.

Fashion Party Dress Up
Level: 1
Model: Danielle
Theme: Trendy
Three Stars * * *


Fashion Party Dress Up Level 1 - Trendy - Danielle - Wardrobe
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  • Shoulder length blonde hair with pink ends ($2 cash)
  • Lavender long sleeve cowl neck sweater dress (50 coins)
  • Diva necklace (20 coins)
  • Brown eyebrows (15 coins)
  • Fuchsia eyeshadow and black liner (70 coins)
  • Blue high heels (31 coins)
  • Danielle's own eyes

Fashion Party Dress Up Level 1 - Trendy - Danielle - Snapshot


Karah Lin said...

Love the look. Simple too. I like that we can spend a lot or a little on a level. It is whatever you decide to create and have fun designing. I looked at the sweater dress but ended up going in a different direction. I kept the same hair, used the baby doll green Hawaii print dress ( short and with a ruffled bottom), mint green high heels with spaghetti straps, thin gold bangle bracelets, and the gold necklace with the big square stone. I got 3 stars. Your idea is much less money. Mine is floral chic.

SHEMAIAH said...



The player said...

my method was the following items, Hair: Danielle's own Clothes: plain pink top, pink polka dot skirt with black belt, Shoes: the same as the post, Accessories: pink butterfly backpack, and bow necklace, Eyes: glossy brown eyes, I hope this helps.

Emma said...

Thanks for sharing your information.The insights are really helpful and informative.
The dress itself is very comfortable and easy to wear.

This Party dress is suitable for every important moment in your life (weddings, galas, evening parties, date nights or any other formal, semi formal occasions/events).

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