Style Me Girl Level 33 - Jenny - Morning Show

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Style Me Girl Level 33 - Jenny - Morning Show

*** Level 33 Morning Show Theme - "Just Enough Glam" - Jenny

  • Black and white striped three-quarter sleeve top (39 coins)
  • Black skirt with arched hemline, shorter in the center and longer on the sides with two vertical seams (80 coins)
  • Sheer black pantyhose/nylon thigh high stockings (75 coins)
  • White blazer with black lapels (56 coins) Optional - The outfit will pass with three stars without the blazer as well
  • Black high heels (82 coins)
  • Three strand pearl/bead necklace with white flower (36 coins)
  • Black button earrings (13 coins)
  • Handheld phone (*** item) Optional - The phone is not required to pass with three stars
  • Black mascara and bright red lips (Jenny default)
  • Model Jenny's own lack side-bun up-do
  • Model Jenny's own brown


Unknown said...

I can't find the black skirt. Maybe i'm not looking hard enough but i've looked about 3 times already

Asia Coaks said...

if this does not work you can try:
*** 3 star brown sequin dress
matching brown sequin wedges (75 coins)
gold star necklace (forgot the cost)
gold and silver wrap bracelet
everything else is Jenny's default.
I hope this helps

Lauren Thompson said...

@Unknown, Hi sorry, the game updated since I posted this, and I don't think the new game has this skirt, but you can use the black skirt the updated game does have, its a black knee length wrap style for 49 coins & it will work too. I am going through and posting updates for all the levels since the game has been updated, this level will be up soon! Ty for commenting, good luck!

Lauren Thompson said...

@Asia Coaks, Awesome, thanks so much for sharing your style! Thank you, thank you! Stay tuned, I am posting updates for each level because the game has been updated since I first posted! Thanks again!
~Lauren blog author

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