Style Me Girl Level 48 - Dot - Victorian

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Style Me Girl Level 48 - Dot - Victorian

*** Level 48 Victorian

  • Blue satin off-the-shoulder ballgown, light blue ruffles down skirt front, black lace trim along top of off-shoulder sleeves and along bottom hemline.
  • Faded brownish boots, mid calf height laced
  • Large drop shaped diamond dangle earrings
  • Multi-strand rhinestone necklace with scroll pattern ($7 gold item)
  • White lace fan (*** star item)
  • White lace gloves
  • Red ribbon bonnet with white lace
  • Black smokey eye, medium lips
  • Model's own black in loose up-do
  • Grey blue
Style Me Girl Level 48 - Dot - Victorian - Fuller view


Unknown said...

i struggled a lot in this level, until i came across this page. thx

Moderator said...

@Akita Victoria I am so glad to hear that my page has been helpful to you :) Thanks for commenting :)

Unknown said...

Thank uu so so so muuuuch for helping us

Moderator said...

@nontobeko biyela - You are very welcome, I am glad that this blog has been helpful to you. Thanks for commenting, have a super day! :)

Unknown said...

If u could, can u try and find a different dress that is not 10 dollars💲💲💲 and I don't have the money at the time. So if u can thank you. If u can't that's fine I will try myself.😊

MeiMei said...

The black and red dress with the bustle in the back works well as a substitute.

Kittens123 said...

I'm keep failing because of the makeup?! I've tried loads! 😿

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