Style Me Girl Level 37 - Meena - Wild West

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Style Me Girl Level 37 - Meena - Cowgirl

*** Level 37 Cowgirl Theme

  • American flag t-shirt tied in front
  • Cut-off denim "Daisy Duke" shorts with brown belt
  • Brown knee-high "cowgirl" boots (*** item)
  • Grey cowboy hat with blonde hair
  • Silver pistol dangle earrings
  • Bright yellow gold link bracelet (worn on model's left wrist)
  • Black and grey plaid bandana neckerchief
  • Short black fingerless gloves
  • Freckles with eyeliner
  • Blonde (with cowboy hat)
  • Golden brown
Style Me Girl Level 37 - Meena - Cowgirl - Fuller view


Unknown said...

Thanks. I wore a different set of shorts, the Black ones with a double belt. And i wore a different bracelet but its ok

Unknown said...

i couldnt find the hat.

Unknown said...

None of that worked.

Moderator said...

Hi Jen A,

Thanks for your comments. I am redoing all the levels since the game was updated since my first posts. I have not posted this level yet but I have replayed it and got three stars in the new version. Here are some screen captures of my closet:

I used:
Cowboy hat & brown hair (125 coins)
Long sleeve white shirt with ruffled collar
Black leather vest with white studs
Blue jeans with silver star belt buckle
Brown cowboy boots (*** item)
Brown Eyes (comes with game)
Light lashes (comes with game)
Peach blush (comes with game)
Peach eyeshadow (comes with game)
Light natural lipcolor (comes with game)
Black fingerless gloves
Black plaid bandana

Sorry I dont know some of the costs off hand. Ill be posting it asap, along with the other 59 levels! I am going to try to get them posted as soon as I can!

Moderator said...

@Jen A - In case you might still need it, I posted the update for this level:

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