Style Me Girl Level 36 - Jessica - Winter Games

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Style Me Girl Level 36 - Jessica - Winter Games

*** Level 36 Winter Games Theme

  • White thermal stretch pants
  • White pants with navy "smoke" patterned sides
  • White shirt with purple, blue & black printed design, black three quarter length sleeves
  • Grey fur wrap coat, waist tied in a bow with dark grey belt, dark grey trim at sleeve ends
  • Dark brown flat sole boots, (knee height)
  • Blue bead dangle earrings
  • Pink, white and black plaid scarf
  • Faded black gloves with buckle details
  • Blue eye shadow and blue blush ($5 gold item)
  • Two tone light blonde in side bun up-do with pink clip
  • Blue
Style Me Girl Level 36 - Jessica - Winter Games - Fuller view


Luisa Terci said...

Hy , I did not think the first clothing ( Thermal white pants ) .. could you tell me where they are? nor the second ( white pants with navy smoke)

Jasmine Eastwood said...

It don't work.😀😠😠😠😠😑😑😑

MeiMei said...

Multicolored short hair, black and white pajama-ish pants, the 3*** boots, orange knee high socks, blue dangling earrings, black tight turtleneck, blue argyle sweater, blue & green eyeshadow with beauty mark, tan knitted gloves, fur jacket with wrap belt, and gray pink and black scarf works. I JUST got 3*s with it less than 5 minutes ago.

Jessica Morris said...

I got 3 *'s with
tight black turtle neck shirt ($3)
orange sweater
gray fur jacket with blue belt
baggy jeans
mixed white and purple stripped knee socks
brown boots with frill
gray knit gloves
gray knit hat
black white and purple plaid scarf
gold eyeliner
straight shoulder lenth brown hair with bangs.
I hope this helps!

Shante Moore said...

Couldn't find any white and navy or white thermal pants in storeπŸ˜žπŸ‘Ž

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