Style Me Girl Level 57 - Renee - Tiki Party

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Style Me Girl Level 57 - Renee - Tiki Party

*** Level 57 Tiki Party

  • Form fitting peach colored off-the-shoulder mini dress
  • Strapless green bikini
  • Bright orange with bright pink flower pattern wedge sandals with ankle strap and natural woven heel
  • Gold Hoop earrings
  • Set of two gold bangle bracelets
  • Black winged eyeliner and blue green eyeshadow
  • Black in loose up-do (from Level 48, Victorian)
  • Blue grey


Fatima Jaffar said...

Nothing works dress up your own then it will work

Cesar De Toma said...

Almost every other post worked for me but sadly not this one... at all and i wore every little thing

Manasi Rai said...

This is not working

Lisa Hall said...

help this is not working

Unknown said...

That tiki party one is broken nothing works on that lvl

Tonya Lindsey said...

That tiki party one is broken nothing works on that lvl

Unknown said...

I tried over and over and then I tried this outfit and I still got DISASTER or 0 stars.

NekoCat86 said...

Didn't work. :(

Rhiannon Schonauer said...

I have a solution!!! The strapped around neck dress that's green and brown, green light up necklace, regular bracelet, iPhone, colorful open toe sandals/slides, dark eye shadow that goes all the way around eyes, and light pinkish lip stick, and long black curly hair (FYI you won't get points for makeup so good luck!)

Rhiannon Schonauer said...

I have a solution!!! Use the green and brown swirled dress that straps around the neck, light pink lipstick, black eye shadow/eyeliner, green light up necklace, original bracelet, iPhone, multicolor sandals/slides, long curly black hair, and reddish brown eyes (FYI makeup probably won't get you points so good luck!) this will get you only one star

Yukari V said...

Hello there. It is still not worked at all. Can you show me picture of them all in one, please?? Thanks!

Unknown said...

To get 3 stars I used everything I had in brown.

- Khaki Shorts
- Brown Leopard Printed Jacket
- Brown Tank Top (From Safari Lvl)
- Black see-through socks that has a bow on top of them

- The hair that the model from this lvl originally wears before you change it

- Golden shoes that isn't closed toed

- Golden Hoop Earrings
- Two Golden Bracelets
- Leopard Printed Fake Nails
- Peacock Jewelry (From Safari Lvl)
- Brown Sunglasses (*** -Item)

- Golden eyeshadow
- Light Pink Blush
- Light Pink Lipgloss

Mages said...

For me also not working...

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