Style Me Girl Level 39 - D'Are - Army Chick

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Style Me Girl Level 39 - D'are - Military Chick

*** Level 39 Military Chick Theme

  • Camouflage print miniskirt with rust colored chain detail and red string ties on the sides
  • Camouflage print midriff-baring top with three quarter length sleeves
  • Black Boots (Seven-eye lace up, Doc Martin Style but all black, even the sole)
  • Black button earrings
  • Black wristband with red stripes on the edges and red star
  • Silver grenade necklace
  • Short black fingerless gloves
  • Black nylon leggings with slits cut down middle and double bands on upper thigh
  • Light green cheeks with dark purple eyeliner
  • Stella's hair- light brown up-do with volume/body ,bangs swept to model's left, and tendrils left out
  • Golden brown
Style Me Girl Level 39 - D'are - Military Chick - Fuller view


MeiMei said...

Shirt no longer works and leggings are no longer given yet. Use high heel tall black boots with wooden heel, solid black thigh highs, gray jean skirt, single shoulder camo top, black leather middy jacket that buckles at the neck, grey and pink backpack, red star wrist band, black buckle gloves with fingers, grenade necklace, gun earrings, smudged black eyeliner without lip color, and blonde pony tail.

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