Style Me Girl Level 51 - Rachel - Block Party

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Style Me Girl Level 51 - Rachel - Block Party

*** Level 51 Block Party

  • One shoulder black strappy top with bat shaped neckline and red spider web midsection
  • Red jeans with black studded belt
  • Pants with one red leg one black
  • Black and red short sleeve zip-up jacket with red scroll pattern(sweatsuit material)
  • Mid-calf height purple suede fuzzy boots
  • Bat wings (*** star item)
  • Black scroll pattern mendhi face design
  • Black dangle earrings with purple jewel
  • Dainty bracelets that came with game on model's right wrist
  • Black winged liner, light pink eyeshadow
  • Shoulder length blackish red hair (from Steampunk level)
  • Grey blue
Style Me Girl Level 51 - Rachel - Block Party - Fuller view


Unknown said...

* It's nt workin.......

Moderator said...

@Nimra Tariq - it is working, I just went back to this level and passed it again with three stars using the items here. I uploaded screencaptures and snapshot for you to see"
Closet with items:
Screencapture of Three Stars:


Good luck

sweetiepie17536 said...

No its not working! I just used it and got one star not three

Unknown said...

@sweetiepie17536 I'm sorry you are having trouble, it is working for me so I am going to make a post on this again with all my screencaptures, the wardrobe and of the stars with the snapshot and more detailed descriptions soon, maybe it will be more helpful

Unknown said...

Where are the bat wings ??????? I cant find it anywhere!!!!! Heeeeeeelp me ...

Unknown said...

@Lucas Fernandes - hi, the batwings are a signature item earned from getting 3 stars on level 23 emo, I meant :)

Unknown said...

Where can i find the mehndi face design

lemonade said...

i got stunning at level 23 but did not get bat wing...i want bat wing :(

Unknown said...

I had everything and only got 2 stars. Please help me

Unknown said...

I did not see the wings in the signature items place or in my closet or at th store please some one help me

Unknown said...

I dont have the bat wings but i have everything else and im not even getting one star. Help?

Unknown said...

Where is the bat wings

Unknown said...

I figured it out! Go to Google and type in "level 51 on style me girl". Then go to images.

Tiwalade said...

just go with ur imagination while playing with colours, it's pretty easy

Unknown said...

did not work! :( pls help!

Anonymous said...

I can't find the mask anywhere !? :-(

Unknown said...

Been stuck on this level for 2 weeks. None of this works anymore. Any ideas? I'm ready to uninstall because I'm stuck on this one. Barely play anymore because of that. I feel I'm just buying stuff and nothing is working. I get disaster each time.

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