Style Me Girl Level 41 - Layla - Fantastic Fur

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Style Me Girl Level 41 - Layla - Fantastic Fur

*** Level 41 Fantastic Fur

  • Faded beige stovepipe pants
  • Grey and white long-sleeve midriff-baring top
  • Short sleeve brown fur button front caot/vest
  • Brown stiletto front laced ankle boots with brown fur trim around ankle
  • Black button earrings
  • Black pink and white plaid scarf
  • Short black gloves with gold buckle details
  • Pink and black plaid shoulder bag (*** star item)
  • Long faux lashes and beauty mark
  • Layla's own long wavy red with side part and bangs falling over model's right side of face
  • Brown
Style Me Girl Level 41 - Layla - Fantastic Fur - Fuller view


Unknown said...

I can't get the shirt to go under the jacket and I didn't everything else and got no stars!!! Yew suck at this😠

Unknown said...

Shirt does not go under jacket, 0 stars 😡

carlissa Cole said...

find a grey and black striped jacket / vest it goy me 3 stars\

Unknown said...

I couldn't fit the shirt under the vest, but I got three stars!! Good work!!

Anonymous said...


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