Style Me Girl Level 53 - L. Jayne - Safari

Style Me Girl Level 53 - L. Jayne - Safari

*** Level 53 Safari

  • Khaki shorts
  • Brown tank top
  • Long light beige plaid button up over-shirt
  • Brown fur trimmed ankle boot stiletto heels Optional- These boots are a gold cash item, you will also get three stars using the black fur trimmed ankle boot stilettos, which are only 5 coins
  • Gold hoop earrings
  • Set of two gold bangle bracelets Optional- I passed this level with three stars without the bangles as well
  • Peacock feather necklace
  • Gold thin frame sunglasses (*** star item)
  • Long animal pattern fake nails (*** star item)
  • Long fake lashes with beauty mark
  • Long black hair in loose ponytail with side swept bangs
  • Golden brown
Style Me Girl Level 53 - L. Jayne - Safari - Fuller view


Unknown said...

It doesn't works how much you copy dress up your own then it will work

LaraMycroft said...

I reused a few items from your previous posts, and some things I don't recall buying...
HAIR: Same
TOP: Camo hoodie
BOTTOM: Leopard print leggings
SHOES: Flat sandals with brown ankle cuffs (comes with game)
ACCESSORIES: 3-star sunglasses, 3-star nails, 3-star parrot, peacock necklace, multicolor bead chandelier earrings
MAKEUP: Natural blush, red lipstick, dainty mascara, brown eyes, aqua and green eyeshadow with beauty mark

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